JavaScript Text Stereogram: The Introduction

The links below will open new windows containing text stereograms. A text stereogram is very similar to the random-dot image stereograms that you have probably seen published in various books, magazines and posters. Unfortunately, a text stereogram often proves to be more difficult for the beginner to view.

To view this stereogram, keep your head perfectly level and relax your eyes. If you slowly try to cross your eyes until the two vertical lines at the bottom appear to become three lines, you will be able to see five levels of concentric square frames placed one behind the other. You should be positioned about 8-12 inches away from your monitor screen. Remember what your Mom said about not sitting to close to the TV? She was right, so please stare into the monitor at your own risk. You might choose to print out the stereogram instead.

No, this isn't a joke -- there really is a 3-D image encoded in the text.

If you are interested in seeing how the stereogram is created, or in creating your own text stereograms, feel free to view the source code of the page. All of the instructions for creating your own text stereograms are included in the comments, as well as an explanation of the algorithm. Believe me, it's easier than you might assume!

Now, click HERE to view the JavaScript stereogram.

NOTE: I have found that some browsers will block the page content because the majority of the text is written dynamically by the JavaScript program. If you are too afraid to un-block the JavaScript, I've included a static version of the page. However, to create your own stereograms, you will still need the JavaScript version indicated above. The stereogram below was generated by the JavaScript program.

Now, click HERE to view the static text stereogram.